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How do I know the original iPhone?

Many of the pioneers of the Internet, through social media platforms, wonder how do I know if the iPhone is original or not? Despite the great popularity of Apple devices, it is considered the most traditional company in the market today. On the Internet, you can find copies of all Apple devices. While most of these electronic parts are sold and the buyer is well aware that they are buying a replica (or as it is known as Copy One), many of them are sold as actual copies of the product.

So, in our article today, we will talk about how to tell the original iPhone from the fake. If you want to know the ways in which you can distinguish the different iPhone versions, just keep reading this article to the end.

The difference between the original and the fake iPhone

You might think that the process of distinguishing an original iPhone from a fake one is very easy, and this thinking is somewhat correct. Where a professional person can distinguish the original iPhone from its counterfeit quickly and without much effort in looking into the details. However, most ordinary people cannot distinguish between counterfeit and regular devices. Especially after the great development witnessed by manufacturers of counterfeit parts in recent periods. Moreover, people who have never used an iPhone before can easily be deceived by counterfeit parts. In addition to all this, the online purchase itself is a concern in terms of the quality of the actual product that you will get.

So, given all the factors that we have mentioned, you should be able to distinguish between an original and a fake iPhone if you want to buy a new iPhone. In our next lines, we will talk about how to distinguish between the two devices extensively, follow us to know more details.

You can distinguish the original iPhone from other fakes easily by using this method. The original iPhones have an iOS system that people who are accustomed to can quickly identify it. Here are the most important things that you can use to distinguish the original device:

  • Some icons in the system change when interacting with them. For example, when you turn on the flashlight, you will notice that the flashlight icon has changed. As in many other icons such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and others.
  • The clock application icon in the original system indicates the actual time. You can quickly distinguish the original iPhone by this feature, as the clock icon in the original phone displays the real time.
  • The iPhone clone cannot access the Apple AppStore. In addition, you can’t use Apple’s voice assistant (Siri) on hardware devices either.
  • Fake iPhones don’t have a fingerprint sensor or a face print. You can try this feature out by letting someone else try the sensors for you, to make sure that they are working properly.
  • Fake iPhones simply cannot perform system updates. Therefore, you can go to the device settings and then try to perform a system update to check the type of iPhone.

You can easily identify the original iPhone by feeling the materials of manufacture and distinctive marks on the iPhone as well. Here’s what you should watch out for:

  • First of all, you can distinguish the original iPhone by the quality of the materials. As Apple devices are characterized by high build quality and premium materials, real iPhone users can distinguish them from other fake devices just by the feel of the materials.
  • Real Apple devices contain A processors, so you can download an app to check the type of processor in the device you want to buy.
  • As for the shape of the device, the original iPhones are distinguished by the fact that they have exactly the same microphone and headphone place as well.
  • You can also check the words “Made in California” below the word iPhone on the back of the device to make sure that the device is genuine.
  • The original iPhone phones have very high quality physical buttons. Thus, you can distinguish between them and the imitation pieces by feeling the buttons and trying them.
  • In addition, Apple products are known for the quality of their shakers. Where you can notice the big difference between the original iPhone vibrator (if you have tried it) and the fake or fake iPhone vibrator.
  • Finally, you can distinguish the original mobile by looking at the protrusion of the camera and its lens. The original iPhones had a large protrusion of the camera lenses outside the level of the device. Especially in recent Apple devices such as the iPhone 13 (iPhone 13).

This was our comprehensive article on how to know the iPhone is original or fake.

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